Autumn Fire Safety Tips

2 mins·Feb 29th, 2024

Autumn is here and as the weather starts to change, we encourage all households to consider fire safety as you prepare your home for the cooler months.

People are starting to think about how to stay warm, particularly in the southern states, with homes starting to be warmed with heaters and fireplaces. The kitchen is also starting to be used more instead of BBQs from the summer season. Residential fires occur the most in the kitchen, so always be fire-safety conscious when you’re cooking.

Check out the list of handy tips and hints below:

  • use candles with caution and never leave them unattended. Ensure they are not in a place where they could fall
  • ensure your heaters are to Australian standard and cleaned and/or serviced prior to winter
  • clean your smoke alarms by using a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust particles, which can hinder the smoke alarms’ performance in a fire situation
  • clear out any rubbish, piles of old newspapers, cardboard boxes and unused furniture and ensure that nothing is blocking the exit and escape points in the home
  • clean your cooking appliances and remove the build up of grease from range hood filters
  • as the leaves start to fall throughout Autumn, keep your garden clear of leaves to minimise the fuel load for a potential fire. Clean the outside of your house by removing leaves from gutters, roofs and downpipes and fit quality metal leaf guards
  • check  power points and power boards to make sure they’re not overloaded and inspect electrical cords and equipment for damage

And of course, households are always better protected from fire by following a few fire safety precautions and having a working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms on every level of the home and in sleeping areas, fire extinguishers within reach in the kitchen and garage and a home escape plan.

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