Caravan & Motor Home Smoke Alarm, Photoelectric, 10yr Lithium Battery

Model number: QC1500
Product Code: 137334
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The Quell caravan and motor home alarm is built tough and vibration tested, designed specifically for campervans, caravans, onsite vans, park vans and annexes. Protect your family when travelling Changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation have introduced the requirement for smoke alarms be installed in areas where people sleep for all existing and new caravans, campervans, motorhomes, park vans and associated structures. The Quell QC1500 Photoelectric smoke alarm has been designed to face the rigors you would typically expect in mobile dwellings such as heightened vibration, extremes in temperature and the potential of nuisance alarms from dust, bugs and cooking. Fires develop in many ways and are often unpredictable. Photoelectric smoke alarms can provide early warning of a fire giving time for occupants to escape.