Worry-Free Carbon Monoxide Digital Display Alarm, 10yr Lithium Battery

Model number: 10LLDCO
Product Code: 140022
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Product description

Suitable for residential premises, the Quell® Worry-Free™ range of smoke and CO alarms provide a total smoke alarm solution for the home. Each smoke detector is location-specific, offering protection for bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and hallways. Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms detect the early presence of carbon monoxide emitted from gas sources such as heating and cooking systems, vehicle engines, fuels and blocked chimneys. Ideal for use in domestic premises such as bedrooms, living areas, and caravans, motor homes and boats. CO alarms are intended to supplement conventional smoke alarms, not replace them. A CO alarm is not a smoke alarm and, therefore, will not satisfy legal requirements regarding the installation of smoke alarms in the home.