Prevent fires in your clothes dryer this winter

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Winter is here and as the temperature drops, Australians are starting to use their clothes dryers more, particularly in the southern states. It’s important for families to be aware of the risks associated with cooler weather, and one of them is you [...]

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Product Recall

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On 11 April 2018, Quell announced a recall to replace one model of Quell dual sensor (photoelectric / ionization) smoke alarm – model number QPI9010, manufactured between 10th September 2016 and 13th October 2017 DEFECT: In some products a yellow [...]

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Replace your smoke alarm every 10 years

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Did you know that the sensitivity of smoke alarms can decrease over time? In some Australian States it is also a requirement to replace your smoke alarm every 10 years. An outdated or faulty smoke alarm may just be as dangerous as having no smoke ala [...]

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Rewind, Replace, Relax when daylight saving ends on 1 April 2018

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This Sunday, 1 April 2018 as daylight saving ends, we remind families to check their smoke alarms and replace any expired smoke alarms in their homes. It is recommended that smoke alarms are replaced after 10 years. To know when your smoke alarm was [...]

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House Fire Victim Shares Her Story

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Only working smoke alarms help save lives. Linda Buchan knows this too well. In 1998, then 18-year-old Ms Buchman did not have a smoke detector in her home when a heater sparked a fire in her bedroom. She suffered inhalation injuries including brain [...]

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Winter is Coming

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Winter is Coming: Check Your Alarms Now to Avoid Being Stuck Out in the Cold on Fire Safety As the temperature drops, it’s important for families to be aware of the risks associated with cooler weather. The use of heaters during winter greatly incr [...]

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Quell is one of the most respected names in Fire & Safety in the Australian consumer market. A division of Chubb, the world-renowned fire safety and security company with over 100 years' experience, Quell's commitment to quality and product innovation is unparalleled.